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connection, happiness and fulfillment.

My not so happy start in Bali


I have arrived to Bali and it’s been a tough start. My departure from Berlin was all but joyful. I don’t think I have never felt that lonely before. And it hit me hard. The flight was really hard. In Doha, my stopover, the flight at the gate next to Denpasar, Indonesia was Stockholm, Sweden. And I just felt so strongly that I wanted to get on that flight instead. To go home. To Sweden. What am I doing trying to find happiness someplace else? But I didn’t of course (and it probably wasn’t even possible). So now I’m here. In Bali. And I have to believe things will change for the better. And they will, this I have learned by now.

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Day 3 in Bali


I really don’t know how much I’ll post from Bali but today I write about my third day here. I attended my first yoga class since I arrived and revisited the Yoga Barn, a place I have many memories from. I’m still not really feeling that good. My stomach is also upset, unfortunately that is more my “normal” state. And yes, still very tired.

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A change of scenery, I definitely think it’s for the better


I have finally checked out from my hotel and had the best lunch in a long time here in Ubud. It makes me feel better. I think this feeling of loneliness will pass. A change is going to come, so much is moving inside of me. And I got reminded of how much I love to dance.

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My biggest challenge – my poor stomach


I’ve been feeling fatigued lately (I more or less always do but it’s still a scale). It’s my “usual” stomach problems. And I’ve been thinking a lot about my diet and if I can do something more to help myself. Because these issues are affecting my life a lot. It’s what’s holding me back from enjoying life, to fully participate.

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About me

This is my place to tell some stories. Stories from my current life and stories from the journey I have been on since I left my previous career in Sweden.

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