Welcome! So nice you have you here. This is a blog
about changing direction in life. My longing for
connection, happiness and fulfillment.

Day 3 in Bali


I really don’t know how much I’ll post from Bali but today I write about my third day here. I attended my first yoga class since I arrived and revisited the Yoga Barn, a place I have many memories from. I’m still not really feeling that good. My stomach is also upset, unfortunately that is more my “normal” state. And yes, still very tired.

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A change of scenery, I definitely think it’s for the better


I have finally checked out from my hotel and had the best lunch in a long time here in Ubud. It makes me feel better. I think this feeling of loneliness will pass. A change is going to come, so much is moving inside of me. And I got reminded of how much I love to dance.

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About me

This is my place to tell some stories. Stories from my current life and stories from the journey I have been on since I left my previous career in Sweden.

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