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My not so happy start in Bali


I have arrived to Bali and it’s been a tough start. My departure from Berlin was all but joyful. I don’t think I have never felt that lonely before. And it hit me hard. The flight was really hard. In Doha, my stopover, the flight at the gate next to Denpasar, Indonesia was Stockholm, Sweden. And I just felt so strongly that I wanted to get on that flight instead. To go home. To Sweden. What am I doing trying to find happiness someplace else? But I didn’t of course (and it probably wasn’t even possible). So now I’m here. In Bali. And I have to believe things will change for the better. And they will, this I have learned by now.

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This is my place to tell some stories. Stories from my current life and stories from the journey I have been on since I left my previous career in Sweden.

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